मैं पानी की बूंद से लेकर
सागर का सैलाब हूं।
मिट्टी में मिली राख से लेकर
अंदर से जलती आग हूं।
पतझड़ में गिरी वो पत्ती से लेकर
तूफान से लड़ता झाड़ हूं।
सपनों से भरें एक बक्से से लेकर
ख्वाबों का आसमान हूं।
मैं मंजिल की तलाश में निकली
मैं खुद में ही ब्रम्हांड हूं।।

Keep on Keeping on💫

To my restless nights,
To my swollen eyes,
To my hopeless days,
To my silent cries,
To my failed attempts,
To my fading strength,
To my lost confidence,
To my self doubting instinct,
To my confused mind,
To my fake “I’m fine”,
To my broken will,
To my shattered heart,
To my torn expectations,
To my lost direction,

I know it’s high time now
But, would you please hang in there?
Not for too long
Just for a while.
I know things are getting tougher
But so am I…


The petals wither and fall off the flower.

The fragrance blows away.

The essence flies.

The color fades.

But, we keep watering the plant,

We provide it, the required sunlight,

In a HOPE that it will blossom again.

And I know, that my flowers have withered, and the fragrance went away.

But one day, I know, 

I’ll bloom again.

I’ll bloom again.

Withering and shedding will continue its course,

But I’ll keep feeding nutrients to my soul.

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